LED Tri-proof Light
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          LED Tube
          LED Strip
   Non-waterproof Strip
   Waterproof Strip
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          LED Down Light
          LED Panel light
          LED Flood Light
          Outdoor LED Lighting

LED Strip
Solid Cover IP68 Waterproof 3528/5050 LED Strip
We use U-shaped silicone tube as the outside cover and put silicon glue full of the tube, which greatly improves the heat sinking function. Problems for glue becoming yellow and hard, smiling bad and not being used in low temperature have been totall...
Crystal Epoxy IP65 Waterproof 3528/5050 LED Strip
Crystal Epoxy Waterproof 3528/5050 LED Strip adopt epoxy resin as the shell, this type of strips have many features, such as long lifespan, high stability, energy-saving, beautiful design etc. This products can use for rough environment between 5℃~ 4...
Silicon Tube Coved IP65 Waterproof 3528/5050SMD LED Strip
Silicon Tube Coved Waterproof 3528/5050SMD LED Strip use full PVC cover, no need sealing glue, greatly improve the water-resistant function of products, this strip light with long lifetime, high stability, UV resistance, wearable, energy saving,envir...
Non-waterproof IP20 LED Flexible Strip
Non-waterproof flexible LED SMD strip adopts SMD3528/ 5050 as light source. It has the feature of low power consumption, low heat produced, long lifespan and anti shock. We use very soft rolled copper as the main material for PCB board mixed wi...

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